Commitment Versus Interest – Decide What You Want In Life

“There is a huge difference between commitment and interest. You are interested in something, you would only do it at your convenience. However, if you are committed, you would accept no excuses; just results.” Rahul Kapoor

If you are committed towards something, you will surely find a way to do it. Commitment means dedication, means extreme focus and zeal to work towards something. Commitment is the root of getting your goals accomplished. It usually brings out a strong feeling of focus and intention. It is usually planned with an SOP (statement of purpose) or maybe an action plan.

You could be committed to someone, to a particular job, in a particular field or even towards something you do. The only difference between interest in your chosen field and commitment in that field is – your level of dedication and focus towards it.

Difference between Commitment and Interest

  • While commitment is complete attention, dedication, and focus, with a steadfast determination towards doing a certain activity; interest is a casual walk down the lane in that activity.
  • Commitment would mean you will do it at any cost. Interest means you have a knack towards doing it, however, you may or may not go ahead in accomplishing it.
  • Commitment is driven by determination and calls for action. Interest could be a casual walk down the lane to work on it.


Let’s say someone is interested in learning music, while someone is committed at being a musician. While the former would go ahead in looking for opportunities of learning it, the latter will do everything under the sun to go ahead and master the craft.

So, commitment is ‘never say die’ attitude while interest is ‘ummm… I can do it’.

So, the big question is- why should you be committed?

Life is a mission, a mission we all wish to accomplish. A mission where everything and every possible event in its process has to be considered. Certain things are important and certain things are not significant. The ones that are significant, you will do anything possible to accomplish. It is your commitment that makes your life worthwhile.

However, in case of interest, you may or may not pursue it. It makes no difference in your life whether you accomplish it or not. Your life moves without it also. Nevertheless, that does not mean you do not wish to pursue it. It just means that you are not as dedicated as you are about the ones where you would do anything under the Sun to accomplish.

If you have read Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, it says- “If you are committed to getting something in life, the entire world conspires to give it to you.”

That means if you are committed, you would do anything to achieve it.  It makes you so determined and decisive, so intense- you will do anything possible to accomplish it.

Life throws various challenges and opportunities at you, some of them you like, some you don’t, and some you feel highly passionate about. The ones you feel highly intense about are the ones that will get your commitments running.

So, go ahead chase that one or two dream that you feel passionate about and commit yourself 100% and make your life worthwhile, purposeful. That is the power of commitment!!!

Written by Team Rahul Kapoor


Mediocrity- Are You A Victim Of It As Well?

Do you continuously feel the urge to do extraordinary, are you continuously striving to excel? Do you leave no stones unturned to get what you want?


Are you always procrastinating your decisions and lamenting some wild reasons for being an unaccomplished?

There is only a thin line of difference between those who try and those who lay low- ‘Former being the leader, latter a follower’

If you are suffering from procrastination or lying lazy, you probably are a person who is living a below average life.

Don’t be… Your life as a human being was destined for achieving something extraordinary. Each one of us is designed to be extraordinary, to be achievers, to challenge our limits, to become die-hard achievers.

The life of an achiever is not much different from that of someone who is rather ‘ordinary’. If you are questioning yourself as to why you fall into the latter category, let’s look at these four points below and understand the challenge a mediocre personality succumbs to:

#1 Mediocracy hates discipline

Every accomplished person will have a set discipline, something he or she will never forego, even in the most difficult and trying situations. While an individual living in mediocrity would always find excuses to forgo his/her routines.

#2 Mediocracy abhors morning chores

A person with success kissing his/her feet will always be an early riser, have a set of chores like jogging or some kind of exercise, meditation, reading something and a light breakfast. This routine would be followed rigorously under all conditions. The non-accomplisher, on the other hand, would wake up late, have no such practices like exercise, meditation, or reading.

#3 Mediocrity finds excuses

Every individual who is not accomplishing his/her goals is actually looking for excuses, blames someone or something for all the goals are not completed. Every time such person indulges in foregoing his/her duties, actually goes about complaining of how situations weren’t in favour.

#4 Procrastination is the main devil of mediocrity

Any individual not looking to take up challenges to improve his/her life would postpone the activity for a special date, an excuse to take up the tough job and coming out a victor. Life of a mediocre person is always lazy and of daydreaming, a dream for which he/she never works.

To conclude:

If the ball is in your court, if you are to choose between being a success or being a day dreamer, a way wanderer, a bohemian (without the aptitude and intellect of one, mark you Bob Marley too was a Bohemian) – what would you choose?

(Listen to the Mediocracy vs Excellence Podcast in which Rahul explained how we chose to hinder our own greatness and thus stay average)

Written and edited by – Team Rahul