Every once in a 100 years, the nature presses the RESET button. Some strange virus appears with an intention to wipe out mankind and after taking millions of lives, it comes under control, but by then the damage is done. One wonders why this phenomenon ever takes place? What is it, that the nature, really … Continue reading GET BACK INTO YOUR TRUE NATURE 

Fear Factor

FEAR Factor & The 90 Second Rule Fear is a powerful force. It is the enemy of success, peace, joy and happiness. Fear of all kinds and sizes is a form of psychological infection. it roots form depth of despair, worry and stress in general.  Fear is such that it breaks down and destroys your … Continue reading Fear Factor


CREATE THE ACTION BIAS - by using Darshn-Gyan-Charitra It fascinates me to keep drawing the pearls of wisdom from ancient scriptures to address the challenges that we experience in our pursuit to attain emotional balance, achieve mental stability, stay physically fit and grow spiritually. SAMYAG DARSHAN - GYAN - CHARITRANI MOKSHA-MARGAH. This is a universal … Continue reading CREATE THE ACTION BIAS


Often, we come across people who create new year resolutions and fail to achieve them. And it happens year after year after year. WHY DO YOUR NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS FAIL?(Source: Pexels) The reasons could be many: Lack of a concrete planInability to take actionsPoor follow ups andProcrastination But try to understand what is happening in … Continue reading WHY DO YOUR NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS FAIL?

Commitment Versus Interest – Decide What You Want In Life

“There is a huge difference between commitment and interest. You are interested in something, you would only do it at your convenience. However, if you are committed, you would accept no excuses; just results.” Rahul Kapoor If you are committed towards something, you will surely find a way to do it. Commitment means dedication, means … Continue reading Commitment Versus Interest – Decide What You Want In Life